Crypto Asset Management
on Ethereum

Decentralized Asset Management on the Ethereum Blockchain
in a Permissionless, Non-Custodial, Trustless Fashion.

Smart Yield Pool

Active Since: December 11, 2020

3 Month Performance Chart

Pool Value

April 13
2021 – 20:31 UTC



all time performance
(fee adjusted)


Fee Structure

Entry; Exit*; Mgmt: 0%
Performance: 20%

*1% exit fee if exiting within 24 hours after investment

Bitcoin (BTC)31.9%$1,101.74
US Dollar (sUSD)30.9%$1067.10
DeFi Index (DEFI) 21.5%$742.36
Chainlink (LINK)15.6%$537.63
Ethereum (ETH)0.00%$0.53

for real time statistics please open the pool app


sDEFI | Synthetic DeFi Index 

Tracks the price of the DeFi Index (DEFI) through price feeds supplied by an oracle.
This index is made up of the following assets and weights:

AAVE (Aave)4.7215%
SNX (Synthetix Network Token)87.215%
UNI (Uniswap)100.7115%
MKR (Maker)0.5510%
COMP (Compound)1.885%
UMA (UMA)26.065%
REN (Ren)680.595%
KNC (Kyber Network)334.065%
CRV (Curve DAO Token)254.945%
SUSHI ()43.1115%
BAL (Balancer)14.845%
BNT (Bancor)90.6612.5%
1INCH ()71.8372.5%


Frequently Asked Questions

What is “non custodial” asset management?

You are always in complete control of your private keys and funds throughout the processes.
You are free to withdraw your funds at any time.

How do I buy into a pool?

Synthetix’s native stablecoin, sUSD, is the currency an investor may use to buy into a pool.
In exchange for depositing sUSD into a pool, an investor receives a pool token.
This token represents the investor’s claim on the pool.

Can I enter or exit whenever I want?

Investors may enter or exit a pool at any time by interacting with the pool smart contract.

What about transparency & analytics?

Thanks to dHEDGE analytics and the transparent nature of the Ethereum blockchain, investors can track exactly
what trades a manager has made. The investor can also see what assets are currently in the manager’s pool.

How do I exit a pool?

When exiting the pool the investor receive its share of the synths in the pool.
It is recommended to interact with the smart contracts directly through the dHEDGE dapp.

How do I interact with the pool?

Please use the “MetaMask” Chrome Extension and your connected ETH wallet to interact with the smart contract
directly on the Pool App page on dHEDGE.

How can I contact you and get updates?

You can contact us via email, live chat or sent us a DM on Twitter. We are here to help.
If you like to get news & updates please follow us on Twitter.