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The News

August 2021

Scam or joke? What is Dogcoin?

This Thursday is a historic day for dogecoin as it is finally available on Coinbase, the leading exchange platform for virtual currencies. A consecration for a crypto-currency launched as a joke, a parody of bitcoin.

July 2021

Coin burn: why destroy cryptocurrency?

Coin burn is a practice used by owners of large amounts of cryptocurrencies to make them more valuable. The Binance blockchain uses this technique - and it will soon be the case for Ethereum.

After the storm the crypto market rebounds

Since its peak in early May, the global crypto market capitalization has dropped from $1 trillion to $1.360 trillion, according to Stakers.io. Bitcoin accounts for 47 percent of the market and ether for 17 percent.

Kraken fights back with zero deposit fees

The battle rages on between crypto exchange platforms. To distinguish itself from its competitors, Kraken is going big by announcing zero fees on the deposit of more than 70 cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain: a technology for engagement?

The blockchain is little known to the general public. Yet it is the technology behind Bitcoin, the oft-maligned virtual currency. However, the blockchain can have other purposes. Even if the phenomenon is currently anecdotal, it is used for social and environmental purposes. Here are some explanations.

SushiSwap and Harmony aim at attracting people to DeFi

In a few days, the Harmony blockchain will be 2 years old. To celebrate this happy event, SushiSwap announces that it will be rolling out a full range of Sushi products. These products will allow blockchain users to earn rewards.

Merging DeFi and NFTs, Aavegotchi will launch Gotchiverse

Can decentralized finance (DeFi) go hand in hand with non-fungible tokens (NFTs)? Soon, this question may be a thing of the past. Indeed, one of the oldest projects regarding the intersection between DeFi and NFTs has just materialized. It is the launch of a "litepaper" for the metaverse. The project led and realized by Aavegotchi led to the creation of Gotchiverse.

Is there a future for cryptocurrencies?

To know if cryptocurrencies have a future is a question that is strongly asked in a changing environment. Cryptocurrency is not just a new financial product, but a virtual currency with all the characteristics of a fiat currency.