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The News

August 2021

Scam or joke? What is Dogcoin?

This Thursday is a historic day for dogecoin as it is finally available on Coinbase, the leading exchange platform for virtual currencies. A consecration for a crypto-currency launched as a joke, a parody of bitcoin.

July 2021

Coin burn: why destroy cryptocurrency?

Coin burn is a practice used by owners of large amounts of cryptocurrencies to make them more valuable. The Binance blockchain uses this technique - and it will soon be the case for Ethereum.

After the storm the crypto market rebounds

Since its peak in early May, the global crypto market capitalization has dropped from $1 trillion to $1.360 trillion, according to Stakers.io. Bitcoin accounts for 47 percent of the market and ether for 17 percent.

Is there a future for cryptocurrencies?

To know if cryptocurrencies have a future is a question that is strongly asked in a changing environment. Cryptocurrency is not just a new financial product, but a virtual currency with all the characteristics of a fiat currency.

June 2021