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The News

July 2021

Merging DeFi and NFTs, Aavegotchi will launch Gotchiverse

Can decentralized finance (DeFi) go hand in hand with non-fungible tokens (NFTs)? Soon, this question may be a thing of the past. Indeed, one of the oldest projects regarding the intersection between DeFi and NFTs has just materialized. It is the launch of a "litepaper" for the metaverse. The project led and realized by Aavegotchi led to the creation of Gotchiverse.

June 2021

Dogecoin: An NFT image of Shiba Inu sold for $4 million!

A dog posing in front of a camera in a formal position. This photo would probably have gone unnoticed if it hadn't been the one that inspired the creators of Dogecoin to have the virtual currency's logo. And the reason the photo is resurfacing years after the cryptocurrency's launch is because its NFT version was sold for $4 million! Sure enough, it was valuable.