Your Managed Crypto Portfolio in 2021

Let’s make 2021 the year you change the way you invest in Crypto. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that the world is changing fast. And even though the new year may still be filled with uncertainty, your Crypto investments don’t have to add to your anxiety.

What does all that actually mean? It’s not surprising that many people hesitate to invest in Crypto with all the fancy words like “decentralized,” “blockchain,” and “non-custodial.” Let’s break it down with some straightforward answers. Answers that will change the way you invest in the new year.

There are lots of areas in life we have no control over, as we all learned the hard way in the year 2020. That’s not true when you invest with Stakers. When you invest in our Smart Yield Pool, you are in full control at any time. That’s what we mean by “non-custodial.”

When you are ready to buy in, you simply do so with Synthetix’s native stablecoin, sUSD. When you deposit sUSD into a pool, you receive a token that represents your investment.

It’s as easy as that! You can enter at any time, and you can exit at any time—no questions asked.

In addition, when you invest, your transactions are managed through audited smart contracts on the dHedge platform. This is the nature of the Ethereum Blockchain, which is transparent by design.

With the transparency of the dHedge platform, you are never left with questions or wondering where your investments stand. You can see, at any time, what trades a manager has made with your assets.

Ready to exit? If you want to leave, you can at any time and will receive the full share of your pools. No questions asked. Our process is not anxiety inducing, because there are no penalties when you are ready to pull out of our pool.

That’s how simple the process is when you invest in our pool. We made investing simple, so that you have one less thing to worry about in the new year.

Make 2021 the year you don’t have to worry about you Crypto. We don’t know what next year will bring so don’t wait… join our asset pool today.
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